SBI Life Pension Plans

SBI Life Pension PlansSBI Life Pension Plans

SBI Life Pension Plans

State Bank of India is amongest the banks who have been giving the best service in all the segments of banking since the very beginning of their start. This bank has also achieved milestone in the aspects of their service providence. SBI has the hold of maximum customer base and it also holds the maximum number of ATM service and machines in all over the country.

SBI has also created a great reputation when it comes to the insurance sector with every other services, SBI insurance and also the pension plans are decently been accepted and are enjoyed in the form of service. When we talk of retirement what exactly comes in our mind, well it is a situation and a time period when we all want to relax and enjoy the days just by celebrating! And it also in a very practical tone means you have decided and agreed on the fact that you want to work no more or maybe you cannot work anymore.

SBI Life Pension Plans that is SBI Life-Saral Pension is exclusively for them, who want to have a relaxed and easy retirement with full of security. Let’s now know the details of this SBI pension plan;

What are the main features in this SBI Life Pension Plans (SBI Life-Saral Pension):

  • Bonus: well we all love bonus and here it is, for the first 5 years in a row you are getting guaranteed bonus, though it is only applicable to the in force policies only but the rate of interest which is 2.50%( for the first 3 years) and 2.75% (for the last 2 years) on the amount insured in the plan, is really very interesting and lucrative.
  • Maturity Benefit: well the best benefit is that you will be getting some assured bonuses along with the money assured. Like, reversionary bonuses, terminal bonus and also the amount assured during the plan purchase time.
  • Death Benefit: yes! There is death benefit too, the sum assured has the guaranteed death benefit of an interest rate of 0.25% per annum which will be compounded annually.
  • Life Cover: there is an option of life cover ( its an additional life cover option) with this SBI pension plan.
  • Maturity flexibility: in case your maturity age is below 55 years and you think its too early to retire then you have a flexibility to extend the maturity date of your SBI pension plan and extend it to 70 years( if you want to).

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